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For a comprehensive listing of current authoring tools, we recommend you visit the Multimedia authoring list maintained by Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (MCLI).

Powerful, Flexible Authoring for Interactive Content

With onViz you can create software applications for computer-based training, e-learning, electronic books, electronic reference manuals, expert systems, demos, advertising, presentations, simulations, kiosks, games and more!

Quickly and easily create multimedia software combining text, graphics, digital video, and sound into engaging interactive content – even launch other software applications, generate reports for use with databases, and e-mail individuals or groups of people.

Then distribute your applications on Apple Macintosh and/or Microsoft Windows computers, over any computer network (including the Internet), CD-ROM, DVD – even floppy disk!

What's so great about that?

While you can create software that runs over the Web, you are not required to have an Internet connection as part of the development or delivery process. This means you can develop computer applications for the millions of computers not connected to the Internet.

Because applications created with onViz are self-contained, programs run independently of Web Browsers, thus avoiding the intricacies of dealing with different browsers and plug-ins to make content look the same on everyone’s computer.

onViz is designed to supplement web-based tools and provide another choice for how you want to communicate. It enables you to build applications that run independently of the Web, yet at the same time you can develop your applications for Web delivery.

Creating a software program is as simple as drawing a line between graphical elements on a flowchart – all without having to write a single line of programming code.


onViz embodies ease-of-use, compact applications in terms of file size, sophisticated options for interactivity, network connectivity, integrated QuickTime support, rapid application development capability, and dozens of useful features designed to give you more power and flexibility in developing your own interactive applications. Applications created using our products never require you to pay us licensing or royalty fees.

onViz Interactive Tour
This application (created with onViz, of course) serves as an interactive tour of the program's tools and features. This tour is a 'work in progress.' We will be posting more complete versions as the sections are completed.

Click here to download the onViz Tour for Windows
Rev date 11/22/02 (1.2 MB)
Click here to download the onViz Tour for Macintosh
Rev date 11/22/02 (1.4 MB)
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