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For a comprehensive listing of current authoring tools, we recommend you visit the Multimedia authoring list maintained by Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (MCLI).

Imagine being able to create sophisticated applications by visually linking blocks of program functions like a flowchart rather than having to learn a programming or scripting language.

Then imagine being able to move those flowchart elements around, effortlessly creating entirely new programs simply by changing the way the flowchart elements are connected.

Our products enable you to do just that! onViz lets you concentrate on how you want to present your information — without getting bogged down in the technicalities of programming and scripting.

The diverse group of people using DSI's products includes K-12 teachers, college and university professors, corporate trainers, multimedia developers, consultants, sales and marketing personnel, manufacturers, healthcare practitioners, aviators, artists, museum curators, social workers, government agencies, and individuals creating their own software for sale.

onViz, our premiere product, gives you the tools you need to create interactive multimedia applications with connectivity to the Internet. The applications you create are self-contained, double-clickable files that will run on Macintosh and Windows computers. Your applications can be distributed on the Internet, local networks, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, floppy disk, or any combinaton of these.
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We continue to support CourseBuilder, the predecessor of onViz, as low-cost software for creating interactive multimedia, teaching, testing, and training applications for older computers and applications that do not require digital video or Internet connectivity.
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The uses for these visual authoring tools are incredibly diverse. Below are screen shots and additional information about some potential applications.

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Interactive Instruction
Busy educators and trainers will benefit from the streamlined, intuitive visual interface used in onViz, allowing the creation of interactive learning material in hours instead of days. Existing courses can be easily modified or expanded as a course progresses over time.
Electronic Advertising & Marketing
Take advantage of onViz to easily create interactive advertisements. Lower your advertising costs by distributing information about your products and services on a variety of electronic media, such as floppy disks, CD-ROMS, DVD, e-cards, kiosks, and the Internet.
Evaluation and Testing Applications
Create your own training software for use in retail and sales to simulate customer interaction for soft skills training, in industrial environments for personnel evaluation, testing, and training, in academic environments for student teaching and testing.
Distance Learning
With the increasing demand for e-Learning applications, onViz provides a solution to quickly create and revise comprehensive applications that integrate rich media with interactivity. onViz includes reporting and user tracking features that enable you to track each learner's progress.
Electronic Manuals, Textbooks & Online Documentation
Create your own integrated applications that can be used as combination training and reference programs, maintenance manuals, and "on-line help" by providing knowledge as people need it - and because it's in an electronic format, the information can be made instantly available using portable computers, shop floor computers, Internet appliances, and more.
Corporate Training Applications

Create and implement internal training programs that let users learn at their own pace - or receive the information as they need it, such as an Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS). Training and testing large numbers of people can be done efficiently and cost-effectively.
The nature of computer-based learning - its availability at any time and any place - makes it an ideal resource for on-the-job training.

A Kiosk is a powerful interactive communications tool that uses multimedia technology to dispense information to a specific audience, delivering your message using a combination of video, graphics, audio and text. A kiosk can be designed as a presentation housed in a stand-alone computer or delivered as a presentation on a laptop computer at a client's site.

Computer Games
Games are fun and informative. What better way to familiarize people with your products, services, or a city and it's history than presenting interesting facts in a fun, engaging format?



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