Following are some testimonials we've selected from our products and services customers to convey the variety of our customers, how they use our products, and their experience with us.

"I am working on a tutorial for the tools that are used in Photoshop. This program will be used by students either before a lecture to prepare themselves or after the lecture to review the material presented. For those students who were unable to attend the class, they can run the tutorial to learn what was missed.
I will say that I'm very impressed with this onViz. I've experimented with a lot of multimedia programs, but I think this product still is my favorite! Maybe it was because I’ve been using DSI products since CourseBuilder version 1 - but it still does things better than most programs."
- George C. Johnson, Director, School of Media Arts and Design, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA

"Our company needed a rapid multimedia development tool to generate flexible "front-ends" to our sales support CD's. These CDs included both standard and custom mfg. equipment so for us, mastering was not an option. Working with another third party autorun shell, this company was able to successfully employ onViz as a graphic gateway to the multimedia and information assets on the CD. The ability to build the projects on Macintosh for delivery in the Wintel space was of critical advantage for our department. We highly recommend onViz as, even in its first version, it has delivered on its promise for ease of use, reliability, and rapid implementation."
- Bill Atkinson, Marketing Director, Tri Tool Inc., Rancho Cordova, CA

"I work on teaching of veterinary radiology in a French vet school. onViz allows me to drive the student through the difficult path a radiologist has to go through in order to interpret an image. This software also allows me to follow the track of the student and see where he/she fails and what topics he/she has to learn.
The possibility to build runtime applications for both Apple Macintosh and Windows operating systems provides an easy way to provide applications to whomever you want - whether over the Internet, CD-ROM, or by local networks."
- Yannick Rule, Radiologist, Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire d'Alfort, Alfort France

"Since 1989, the American Institute of Management has provided training geared toward personal and corporate success. When we realized it was time to add e-learning to our mix, we researched the available options. Our company focus is in development and presentation of skills - we are not programmers. Therefore we needed a product that was easy for the 'non-technical' to create applications for interactive training. We found onViz and were intrigued. We downloaded a copy of the program and my associate and I sat down to experiment - I must admit that we had more fun than two grown men should have! We're looking forward to expanding our client options with this program."
- Wayne Nielson, American Institute of Management, Council Bluffs, IA

"First, let me congratulate the onViz development team on creating a product that I think fills a genuine need in the marketplace – A Mac-based cross-platform CBT authoring tool with some very high-performance features.
I'm especially glad to hear that you can now bridge to other files without naming or associating a specific application in a specific location. That's a very valuable feature-- one of the many that makes your product superior to others costing many times more.
Embedding Quicktime video is another one of those "must haves" for me. Macromedia really makes this excruciating in Authorware, Director, and Flash MX! I can't be the only guy in the world who wants to do this without writing code!"
- Michael Heckman, Senior producer, Cool Films, Bethesda, MD

"Currently I am using onViz to create interactive student orientations for our shelter care and detention center classrooms, and am working with teachers in our classrooms to create subject area units which will link to internet sites.
It appears to me that onViz enhances the simplicity of CourseBuilder and also stretches the capacity to new dimensions. To put it simply, I love the program!!!"
- Gene Behrens, Consultant, Shelter Care Education Program, Heartland Area Education Agency, Johnston, IA


"Anyone interested in creating computer-assisted instruction or multimedia programs should be aware that easy-to-use, full-featured authoring solutions are found in CourseBuilder and in the new program, onViz.
Customer support at DSI is unequaled for excellence. But the great virtue is the authoring programs themselves. They enable an ordinary user without a programming background to tap creativity and intelligence and to produce professionally elegant software for PC's and Macs."
- Sterling Davis, Director, Modular Educational Programs Co., Tyner, IN


"My advice has been and still is: CourseBuilder is the best tool for Educators to create powerful interactive programs. If they want to create presentations or portfolios, CB can easily do that also. Why not stay with the platform that has the most appeal and faculty support base?"
- Dennis Battaglini, Ph.D., Professor, Science Education, Physics Director, Educational Technology Center, Winona State University, Winona, MN

"In my job, I feel a strong need to turn knowledge content, brainware if you will, into a self-sustaining product. This is the best way to enable my customers or students to access knowledge, to apply and learn as they see fit. CourseBuilder is stable, does not suffer from jet-lag, and is always there when needed - I cannot say that much about myself. This is why I started looking for such a software tool some 6 or 7 years ago. DSI had this in CourseBuilder, and now in onViz - the right product for me:"
- Eduardo Casais, Ph. D., Professor at the University of Algarve, & Business Consultant teaches and consults in project management and marketing for international audiences


"I have just touched the surface with onViz. I am in the process of writing a very simple project that will let the students identify the parts of the computer and some of the tools for Kid Pix. I wanted to have the computer score their work. I have always thought that CourseBuilder was the one program every teacher needed."
-Dr. Diane Lind Darling, Teacher, Kissimee, FL

"I am working to produce computer-based training applications to compliment our training materials for the National Transit Institute's forthcoming Violence in the Workplace training program. The applications will include elements of the videos, documentation, and coursework that we are developing with the NTI. Our group intends to work on other safety- and transit-related programs while we dabble to serve our own interests!
The staff at Discovery Systems have been nothing but a pleasure to work with during my testing of onViz, with Janice (president of DSI) speaking with me personally on a few occasions and corresponding with me via e-mail regularly to discuss my feedback and needs - try getting service like that from another software company! And, I'm pleased to hear that they plan to support their legacy product!"
- Chris Bautista, Portland, OR


"I have I have created a number of medical education programs using CourseBuilder since version 1 (late 1980's) and am now in the process of converting these applications to onViz. It is very intuitive and easy to use, requiring no programming (or animation) experience whatsoever. On the other hand, if one has an interest in creating sophisticated software, DSI's products readily supports this as well.
The superiority of DSI's technical support is nothing short of spectacular. Whenever I call for help, I not only get someone highly knowledgeable and eager to help, but the help is often followed by an e-mail with a short demo of a better way to solve my problem. It's very rare to find tech support that actually understands the ins-and-outs of the software they support well enough to help sophisticated users and it is a one-in-a-million circumstance to find tech support that can give meaningful suggestions (with examples) for improving a particular use of the product."
- Marian Petrides, M.D., Director, Pathology Residency Program, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Madison, MS


"I have been using CourseBuilder for many years now and it is still is one of the easiest and user friendliest programs for authoring of Educational multimedia. Its main strength is the ease of use of scoring user input when answering questions and scoring quizzes and tests.
Its ease of use is not compromised when it comes to designing sophisticated courseware. Because it is essentially a programming language with Graphical interface, users can design a range of courseware from trivial to the most sophisticated. There is some learning of course, however it is nothing like learning a programming language or a scripting language.
For me, the most important part of any software/hardware tool is customer support and DSI represents the best company I can think of for customer support. Over the years, no matter what problem or request I had, DSI always came through with timely and friendly help. They do not refer you to some recorded message or FAQ's. They always helped me on the phone or by e-mail and even created examples for me to show me how to accomplish the task in question.
Their support goes even further than that. When I had some feature requests, they often implemented that request in their next update. Try that with some large, impersonal company and good luck! I am really looking forward to the release of onViz and its potential of creating multimedia courseware easier than ever before."
- Thomas Maler, Multimedia Software Developer, Toronto, Canada


"We use CourseBuilder to create interactive computer-based courses for firefighters. CourseBuilder provides a solid, quick way to develop on the Mac and, using the x-platform translator, make our courses run on Windows for clients that need it. Discovery Systems asks for no royalty fees on completed work and they give us excellent, timely phone support. For our purposes, CourseBuilder is great. If what you do is similar, I suggest you contact them."
- Dave Kummerlowe, CADRE, Seattle, WA

"CourseBuilder is fantastic! I'm having a great time creating my first (rather large) tutorial for one of my classes."
- Stephen Cronin, Instructor, Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Queensland, Australia

"We have found CourseBuilder by Discovery Systems to be a dramatically versatile and simple system to use in creating our programs - over the years. Features of CourseBuilder, which help to streamline the work of creating include but are not limited to: drag and drop; sound; text and sprite animation; links to outside applications; simple-to-use tools for navigation and for drawing and painting your own designs and touches; also regular cut and paste operations for graphics and text.
When the program features are coupled with the 24 hour/7 days a week support by the staff of Discovery Systems via telephone, e-mail, and regular mail the result is an upbeat and determined combination. My thanks and kudos to DSI."
- Sally S. Tessicini, Professor Emeritus of Miami-Dade Community College, Miami, FL

"We use CourseBuilder extensively in our museums and are eager to explore the Internet capabilities of onViz with regard to collections access."
- Chris Reed, Museum designer, Exeter City Museums , Exeter, United Kingdom

"My experience with you guys over the past couple of years has been so wonderful, that I recommend you to all of my co-workers here at Boston College"
- Amie Goldberg, Boston College. Boston, MA

"MD Anderson Medical Center uses CourseBuilder to create programs that educate patients about the warning signs of cancer. CourseBuilder's built-in question and tracking features make it painless to design programs that track answers to specific questions and then let patients see lifestyle changes they can personally make to lower their risk of cancer."
- Cheryl Conner, MD Anderson Medical Center

"We used CourseBuilder's interactive features to develop a multimedia exhibit for the Nuremberg Museum. This interactive exhibit allows visitors to interact with the Behaim globe, the oldest existing globe in the world - virtually. The beauty of this exhibit is that it can be replicated for other museums by simply copying the electronic media while the original priceless globe rests safely in a glass case."
- Martin Feldman, Feldman Film, Nuremberg Germany

"It used to take hours collecting patient data to fulfill our funding requirements. We used CourseBuilder's question and reporting capability to create a patient questionnaire that allows the patient to directly enter their information. The data is automatically processed and collated, saving our personnel 5 hours per patient! We can easily extract data we need because CourseBuilder automatically keeps the records for us."
- Brenda Geiger, VA Medical Center, Tuskegee, AL

"We've pushed the limits of CourseBuilder for years without finding the edge of its capacity to perform."
- Billy Reed, Interactive Multimedia Design Group, Hughes Aircraft

"The arsenal of possibilities is incredibly rich. Not only can you generate impressive courseware without going near a programming language, but CourseBuilder generates standalone applications. You'll be able to generate your own training materials that are equal to the best of today's commercial educational packages."
- Ezra Shapiro, BYTE Magazine

"DSI produces exciting interactive programs that motivate and inspire our sales force. In developing multimedia for product launches and company meetings, DSI displays incredible creativity, quality, and most importantly, they stay within our budget! DSI's dedication to filling the customer's needs in unwavering. I believe Discovery Systems is tops in the field "
- Larry Newell, Manager of Creative Services for GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, Research Triangle, North Carolina

"Although I had never developed software, I used CourseBuilder and hired DSI to create an elaborate human resources training program for our staff. By the end of the first quarter, we began realizing tremendous savings in our training budget. And because this Macintosh program easily converts to Windows, the same program can be used in all our international offices."
- Peter Callway, BP International, London, England



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