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Usability information for those with handicaps.

Apple Macintosh computer related downloads, information, and help
Links for Mac users. Includes links to Apple support, iTunes, operating system updates, OS X, Quicktime, QuicktimeVR, software downloads, and more.

Computer based learning articles online
Noteworthy articles on how Computer Based Learning can help your organization. Also includes links to relevant professional organizations.

EPSS InfoSite
The best place on the Web for finding and sharing information, ideas, and opinions about planning, designing, and developing Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) - software that integrates knowledge, task structuring support, data, tools, and communications and enables people to learn while doing complex tasks. Maintained by Gloria Gery.

Film and Broadcasting Resources on the Internet
Links to information on stand alone and web based multimedia authoring tools and resources. There are also links to traditional media broadcast, cable, satellite and film resources available on the internet, and a Guide to HTML and Web Authoring Resources. From Northwestern University.

Informedia Multimedia Library
The Informedia Digital Video Library project is a research initiative at Carnegie Mellon University funded by the NSF, DARPA, NASA and others that studies how multimedia digital libraries can be established and used. The Informedia project has pioneered new approaches for automated video and audio indexing, navigaiton, visualization, search and retrieval and embedded them in a system for use in education, information and entertainment environments.

Intellectual property issues
Reference information about copyright, ownership, and other legal issues pertaining to multimedia and software you create.

Multimedia Publications archive
Many publications are include abstracts. This site also has some good multimedia information links. From the Northern Multimedia Lab at North Dakota State University. Maintained by Igor Tatarinov and Alex Rousskov.
The single best source for facts on the net. You can search for facts on just about anything, access almanacs, dictionaries, telephone directories, and find help and adviceon a wide cariety of topics. Maintained by Bob Drudge.

The Risks Digest
A forum on risks to the public in computers and related systems provided by the Association for Computing Machinery.




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