Employee or Learner Evaluation and Testing Applications

Create evaluation and testing programs that grab the learner's interest. This example illustrates a medical training application that uses multiple live video and sound channels to interact directly with someone asking questions, such as the doctor shown on the left side of the screen, while showing a video screen on the same interface, such as the patient on the operating table.

The learner can respond to a question by simply clicking on a response, or typing into a text field. Your program can evaluate the learner's response and intelligently route the application based on the information entered.

This is just one example of the sophisticated applications you can create — without having to learn a coding or scripting language.

DSI can work with you to create a customized application to fit your needs, then deliver it with our authoring software so you can update it yourself — or we can maintain it for you. Click here for more informaton about our custom development services.

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