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Distance Education Clearinghouse
Information from the University of Wisconsin-Extension on teleconferencing technologies, courses, and distance learning resources.

Distance Educator.com
Since 1995, a source of information for professionals using the Web for public mass communication.

Distance Education for Designers
Good source of information for not only designers of Web-based courses, but those creating multimedia software, presentations, and e-learning applications as well.

Distance Learning resource Listing
A comprehensive, searchable list of links from Yahoo.

eLearn Magazine
An online magazine publidhed by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)

Information Technology Information on the Internet
Information on Artificial Intelligence, Computer Mediated Communication, Educational Technology, Data Formats, Geographic Information Systems, Human Interface Design, Multimedia Technology, Networking, and more.

Teaching and Learning on the Web
A compendium of links to sites using the Web for distance learning. Searchable by subject and keyword. With links to 446 sites.
From the folks at Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (MCLI).

United States Distance Learning Association
A non-profit association with over 2000 members formed to promote the development and application of distnace learning for education and training. This site includes links to a fact sheet, research and information statistics and legislative activities.



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