Introduced in 1987, CourseBuilder pioneered the multimedia market by being the first commercial software application that uses a visual method for programming – a method that has become common throughout the multimedia authoring software industry. CourseBuilder was one of the first products on the market for authoring interactive applications on desktop computers.

CourseBuilder allows you to create stand alone interactive multimedia applications quickly and with a minimal learning curve. Our visual "flow chart" approach to programming enables you begin with a concept and quickly proceed to a complete stand alone application. CourseBuilder provides all the tools required to create state of the art applications in one package, including the capability to control external devices and provide interactive communications. Applications created with CourseBuilder are stand alone (self-contained) with no runtime disks or licensing fees required.

CourseBuilder enables users to create multimedia presentations and interactive multimedia programs without tedious programming or scripting processes. Creating a customized software application is as simple as plotting a course on a map. Changes and updates are easy to implement.

CourseBuilder has built-in testing and scoring capabilities, providing you with the ability to document user's performance by storing the results in automatically generated digital or hard copy formats. CourseBuilder is compatible for use over networked computers, allowing you to accumulate data and scoring from many simultaneous users.

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