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onViz will enable you to create multimedia and training programs faster, cheaper, and with less of a learning curve than the few competing products out there.

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onViz v1.0.1.2 Evaluation Edition
Rev date 12/16/02 (2.2 MB)
A feature limited version of onViz that will allow you to play a bit with the development and runtime environments.
Evaluation Edition can be converted into a full-featured copy with a valid registration key.
Requires Macintosh computer running OS 8.6 or above.
OS X users click here for important information.

onViz Feature List
(.pdf format, 622 KB)

onViz QuickStart Guide
(.pdf format, 756 KB)
Designed to familiarize new users with the onViz authoring environment .

Latest onViz Documentation
(.pdf format, 5.2 MB)

onViz Command Key Quick Reference Guide
(.pdf format, 76 KB)

A supplement to the onViz Documentation that lists command key combinations and program shortcuts.

Information about onViz training workshops
(.pdf format, 52 KB)



The onViz Discovery Tour
This application (created with onViz, of course) serves as an interactive tour of the program's tools and features. This tour is a 'work in progress.
We will be posting more complete versions as the sections are completed.

Download the onViz Tour for Windows
Rev date 11/22/02 (1.2 MB)

Download the onViz Tour for Macintosh
Rev date 11/22/02 (1.4 MB)

Download the tour source files
Rev date 10/31/02 (1.2 MB)
These source files provide an example that you can explore and learn how to implement actions for your own application development.
You must have onViz to open the tour source files

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Customer Support page

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We offer CourseBuilder as a low-cost solution for older computer systems (Macintosh OS 7 - OS 9.2 and Windows 3.1 - 98) and applications not requiring Interenet connectivity or cross-platform digital video.

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Overview and feature list
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