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Many of the examples on this page have been created as a result of a customer requesting technical support or clarification of a technique.

We will be delighted to post templates you have created and would like to share with other beta testers. Simply compress your template and email it to A member of the onViz development team will check the file and then post it to this page. When creating your template, please either document your technique in the onViz file (preferable) or include a Read Me file.

Want to request a template? If you would like to request an example for a technique you want to add to your application, all you need do is ask! Click here and give us a bit of detail about what you want to do. We will put together a small example and post to this page.

New examples will continue to be uploaded to this page - check back often!

  • Cycle animation - demonstrates how to set your application to cycle an animated sequence while waiting for user input. (368 KB)

  • Open e-mail client - demonstrates how your application can automatically open your user's e-mail client for sending e-mail messages. (15 KB)

  • Movie Controls - demonstrates how to play specific movies (or movie segments) based on user selection. (390 KB)

  • On-screen keyboard - use this template for creating onscreen keyboards for kiosk intallations. (120 KB)
    (approx 120K)

  • onViz Checkboxes - demonstrates using checkboxes and evaluating input. (14 KB)
    (approx 14K)

  • Bridge and Return - demonstrates using a Multimedia State to provide feedback in the form of an overlay. (24 KB)

  • onViz Key Detect - demonstrates detecting the users' keypress in an application. (118 KB)



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