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Apple Computer
Main Web site for Apple Computer.

Centralized online help for Macintosh computers and software featuring Apple's KnowledgeBase, online discussions, specifications, and tips on improving the security of your system. It's free, however registration is required.

Download system software updates
Get updates to your Macintosh computer's operating system software here. You will need to have an Apple I.D. to access these files. You can set up an account for free by clicking here.

Digital music for your Mac. Import music from CD-ROM, search the web for music, create a digital music library, tune into real-time Internet radio, burn your own CD-ROMs, and play MP3 format audio. Free.

Mac OS X
Download Apple's latest operating system and updates here.

Apple Computer's Quicktime Web site. Download the latest Quicktime player here and find out more about how others are using it.

Quicktime VR
Visit this site to learn more about how to create immersive, interactive "virtual reality" movies that you can incorporate with our products.

Low End Mac
Help and resources for owners of older Macintosh computers.

News for users of Macintosh computers.

Mac OS X Networking tips
Step-by-step guide from MacWorld magazine on how to set up Mac OS X networking software.

Connects your Mac OS X or Unix computer to Microsoft Windows and other Common Internet File System (CIFS) file servers. This protocol is used by Windows 9x,ME,NT,2000, Appleshare, Linux, NeXT, and Sun, among others. Sharity mounts the servers in your file system, and you can open files directly on the server with any application you like, as if they were located on your local disk.

This means you can run programs such as our onViz authoring environment on a Windows or Linux computer for authoring. However you will still need have a Macintosh computer with OS X and the Sharity software connected to your local network.



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