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Tips about using QuickTime and Digital Video with onViz

From Camera To Desktop: The Distribution And Handling Of Video As Files
Microsoft Word format, 84k
A primer discussing the basics of Digital Video
Microsoft Word format, 34k
Compares the pros and cons of determining which disc format to use
Optimizing Video for CD-ROM
Microsoft Word format, 56k
Although this article was written in 1997, it still provides useful information
QuickTime CODEC comparison
Microsoft Word format, 44k
This document provides an overview of the various compression schemes (CODECS) available with QuickTime and discusses the various pros and cons of the different CODECS.
Web site - Apple Computer's QuickTime Tools & Resources
Find tools, tips, tutorials, and articles about using QuickTime here
Web site - AppleScripts for QuickTime
QuickTime 5.0.2 offers dramatically increased AppleScript support in the QuickTime Player application. The QuickTime Player scripting dictionary contains exciting new commands and properties which can be used to automate many movie-editing and playback tasks performed by novices and professionals alike.
This collection of example scripts contains a variety of useful scripting tools, including script applets, droplets, and compiled scripts for use with the Script Menu. These are briefly described below. All scripts are fully editable and many have properties whose values can be easily changed.
NOTE: These scripts are not compatible with Mac OS X v10.0 - 10.0.4, and versions of Quicktime prior to 5.0.
Web site - Discreet products' Cleaner
Discreet® cleaner™ is the industry standard for professional video encoding.



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